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All our incenses are hand-blended and over 100 different herbs, gums, barks, berries, flowers, resins and oils are used in our blends. We use the best quality essential oils, except in certain instances where a recipe calls for musk, civet or ambergris, (these are all from animals) we have chosen to substitute a good copy perfume. These do not interfere with the magical properties of the incense. Some blends are coloured, this is natural food dye.

Ethical sourcing and Fair-trade policy

Our aim is to source all our ingredients ethically, including gathering some of the raw materials ourselves, and look for suppliers that promote sustainable wildcrafting. We have used our main supplier, Herbal Apothecary for over a decade, and have confidence that their strong ethical and environmental policies on sourcing raw ingredients are a standard for the industry.

To quote from their policy, "It would be difficult to overstate the importance of quality control in sourcing our crude herbs. Our aim is to source all our raw materials from sustainable sources, and to develop long term relationships with our suppliers. We believe that, in many instances, we have identified growers who understand the complexities for each particular plant."

Our essential oils are supplied by Id Aromatics, who Simon worked for for a number of years. They specialise in organic and fairly traded oils, and again we have the highest confidence in their ethical and fair-trade policy.