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Incense Blends List

Incense is priced at £3.50. All incense blends are supplied in 20g bags attractively boxed and labeled.

Postage costs: Up to three incenses 45p, over three incenses £1.25

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New Blends!

Try Si's brand new blend Green Man, inspired by a fantastic Beltane ritual at Thorborough Henge!

And now due to popular demand a traditional High Church incense.

We also have the full range of Pagan Festivals now available.


Green Man - The Oak King


High Church - Traditional Blend


Imbolc - Birth of Spring


Ostara - Spring Equinox


Beltane - Mayday Eve


Lammas - Festival of Light


Mabon - Autumn Equinox


Samhain - All Hallows Eve


Earth - Grounding and centering

Strong, deep smells of Frankincense and Myrrh and the centering aroma of Rose oil.

Air - Clarity and communication

The light, heady smells of Dammar resin, Pine and the uplifting aroma of Lemon oil.


Fire - Energy and strength

A hot, spicy blend of four resins including Copal and Colophony, with a tingly aroma of Frankincense oil.

Water - Intuition and emotions

Calm and flowing, this combines the cool smelling Copal with the Lunar and feminine aspects of Juniper Berries and Ylang Ylang oil.

Sun - Success and energy

Frankincense and Benzoin resins, fiery Cinnamon quills and Orange and Frankincense oils make this blend a very powerful, and masculine, working blend.

Moon - Intuition and femininity

A blend of four resins including the Lunar and feminine Copal, with the cooling and calming Sandalwood and Jasmine oil goes towards this very feminine and meditative blend.


Pan - God of Music and Forests

A very Earthy, but sweet combination of four resins including Benzoin and Colophony, heady Patchouli leaves and the enticing aromas of Patchouli and Musk oils blended to honour the Horned God.

White Goddess - Celtic Triple Goddess(traditional blend)

A traditional, incense blend of resins and herbs, with the aromas of Oakmoss and Vetivert oils to honour the sensual but strong Triple Goddess of the Celts

Odin - Father of the gods

The airy Dammar resin and Sandalwood powder along with Rosemary and Galangal root blended with the woody, sharp Cedarwood and Frankincense oils honours the Father of the Gods


Tibetan Dream - For those on a spiritual journey

A sweet, meditational blend of Benzoin and Frankincense resins, Patchouli and Pine, with the aromas of Musk and Pine make this incense an aid to any Spiritual journey.

Temple - Based on traditional Temple incense

A blend of five resins including Colophony, Dammar and Myrrh, along with the piercing aroma of Rosemary oil makes up this traditional cleansing incense.

Ganesh - Elephant God of travellers

The God of travel and good fortune is honoured here with a blend of 2 resins and herbs including Lavender flowers and the aromas of Sandalwood and Jasmine oils

Shiva - Dance of Life

A sweet, spicy blend of Frankincense resin with the aroma of Sandalwood and Night Scented Stock, honours the God Shiva and the cycle of the Dance of Life.

Kyphi - Incense of the Egyptian Gods (traditional blend)

A traditional Egyptian blend with 3 resins including Myrrh and Colophony, with the spicy root Galangal and Alkanet, and heady aromas of Benzoin and Musk oils come together to make this incense of the Gods.

Isis - the All Goddess.

Incense of the Egyptian Gods (traditional blend)An exotic blend of 5 resins including Benzoin and Dammar, with the herby Meadowsweet aromas of Melissa and Benzoin oils combine to make this traditional incense.

Dreamweb - For insight through your dreams

A Plains Indian blend of Colophony and Frankincense resins, White Willow Bark and Wild Sage, with the aromas of Ylang Ylang and Frangipani oils, combined together to gain insight into your dreams through meditation and dreamworkings.

Totem - Explore your Totem animal

A blend of Benzoin resin and Colophony with Sandalwood and Cinnamon Quills, with the strong scent of Spicy Orange and Sandalwood oils, for exploring you inner Totem animal.

Aura Cleansing - Purify and re-align energies

A beautiful blend of Copal and Dammar resins, Rosemary, Galangal and Lavender. With the heady aromas of Apple and Lotus oils, combine together to make powerful incense for purifying and re-aligning your energies.


Purification - For clearing negative energy

Purifying resins of Frankincense and Myrrh, Rosemary, Oak and the sharp cleansing oils of Lemon and Eucalyptus combine to make this powerful incense for clearing a negative space.


Healing - Physical and mental recovery and repair

A soothing, calming blend of four resins including Dammar and Frankincense, blended with Rose, Cinnamon Quills and Cedar, with the healing and mentally soothing oils of Eucalyptus and Cedarwood go together to make this recovery and repair incense.

Kundalini - Stimulate the sexual energy of life

A vivid blend of Frankincense, Colophony and Cinnamon Quills, with the sensual aromas of Ylang Ylang and Musk Agayeb, form the basis of this highly Tantric sexually energising incense.

Meditation - Calming and centering

This soothing and calming blend of four resins, including Frankincense and Benzoin, and the uplifting oils of Alpine Lavender and Sandalwood, go towards making a beautiful aroma for your meditation space.


Lovers - Bring unity and harmony

A bright, sparkly mix of Frankincense and Copal, along with the spicy Sandalwood, and of course Rose oil blended with Musk Agayeb, go to make this blend a very deep and sensual one.


Calm Home - For a peaceful loving atmosphere

A smooth, mellow blend of three resins including the Lunar Copal, with traditional herbs including Rosemary and aromas of Fresh Rosemary oil and Bergamot. For that peaceful and calming atmosphere at home.


Psychic Protection - Helps deal with others negative energy

A traditionally based blend of Frankincense and Myrrh resins along with Juniper Berry and Rosemary, blended with oils of Pine, and Basil, make this a very powerful incense to help deal with others negative energies.


Banishing - Use as part of a considered ritual

A complicated and very powerful traditional blend of three resins including the sharp, fiery Frankincense, mixed with five herbs including Cypress and Pine with oils of Rose and Juniper. To be used as a part of any considered ritual for clearing a space.


Altar - Based on traditional church incense

Based on traditional Church incense this blend of Frankincense, Myrrh and Cinnamon will help purify and prepare any workspace.


Magic Workings - Traditional blend for personal workings

An ancient recipe including Frankincense and Colophony resins, blended with Calamus root and Red Sanderswood, bound together with Storax resinoid and a traditional banishing oil make this incense a very strong working one.

Stone Circle - Opening a circle

Blessing a gatheringThis recipe includes the big three resins, Frankincense, Myrrh and Benzoin, with the woody tones of Cinnamon Quills and Sandalwood, bound together with the calm and welcoming oils of Amyris Sandalwood and Ylang Ylang. A warm greeting for any meeting.


Faerie Wood - Nature’s secret places

Frankincense, Colophony and Benzoin resins fused with the deep, earthy oakmoss oil and the sweet night scented stock are combined together to honour our Faerie folk.


Rainbow - Colourful and friendly

A sweet blend of Frankincense and Colophony with ylang ylang and night scented stock brings to mind the fresh clean feeling a rainbow gives after stormy weather.


New Dawn - Celebrate a new start

A blend of two resins and several roots and herbs including aniseed and sanderswood with the fresh orange and bergamot oils,go towards making this very gentle incense for those who want to signify a new start.


Summer Solstice - Midsummer celebrations

A traditional blend of resins including Frankincense and Benzoin along with sandalwood, marigold, and tonquin beans, fused together with oils of bergamot and benzoin resinoid mark the festival of the shortest night and the longest day.


Winter solstice - Midwinter celebrations

.A traditional blend of resins including Frankincense and Myrrh with pine needles raisins and red wine, mixed with oils of sweet orange and pine mark the festival of the longest night and the shortest day.


Yule - End of the old, start of the new

.A clean, sharp blend of Frankincense, cedarwood, juniper berry and pine, mixed with oils of spicy orange and cinnamon mark the end of the year and the start of the new.


The Chakra Blends.

Sahasrara - Crown chakra

For Illumination. The high chakra blend includes the sharp, bright Dammar resin blended with rosemary and sandalwood, fused with the oils of jasmin and lotus.


Ajna - Brow chakra

For clarity of thought. The eye of wisdom. This blend of Frankincense and Benzoin resins mixed with wild sage, cedarwood and geranium oil , is for those wishing help to gain wisdom through clarity of thought.


Vishuddha - Throat chakra

For communication. Frankincense and Copal resins blended with star anise and eucalyptus herbs,and fused with oils of cedarwood and eucalyptus form the basis of this incense for those who wish help to have better communication with others.


Anahata - Heart chakra

For self love. A deep soulful blend of Copal, Dammar and Myrrh resins combined with red sanderswood and rose petals, and oils of rose and lotus form this incense for those who need to do any work on their heart chakra.


Manipura - Solar plexus chakra

For centering. A solid blend of Dammar and Myrrh resins mixed with rose calamus root and lavender, fused with oils of spicy orange and bergamot, makes this incense for any power centre workings.


Svadhistana - Sacral chakra

For sexuality. A very sensual blend of benzoin and copal resins with the spicy galangal root and marigold petals fused together with patchouli and musk agayeb oils. For any sexual or Tantric workings.


Muladhara - Root chakra

For grounding. A solid earthy blend of Frankincense with cinnamon quills and patchouli leaf and oils of vetivert and storax to bind, form this base chakra incense for help with grounding or earthing works.


Charcoals - pack of two discs

Attractively packaged in Achemy boxes, perfect to complete a gift set For use with all Alchemy incense blends. Please see instructions for use. £1.00.


Charcoal roll - contains ten charcoal discs

Self lighting charcoal in a foil roll. Please see instructions for use. £1.99