Ilkley complementary festival

On the road again the weekend of Samhain at Ilkley Complementary Festival. Two days, Saturday and Sunday. Come and say Hi !!

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Paganfed Conference London

Getting excited, as it’s the Pagan Conference in London this coming weekend!!
Have been bagging up loads of incense ingredients to sell alongside the blends, for people to make up their own. Don’t know why I hadn’t thought of this before….DUHHH !LOL !!

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A wander around Ilkley Moor ( ba’ht hat )

A few of the wonderful stones around Ilkley Moor

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Mabonnnnnnnn….. !!!

Si and Kate wish all a very peaceful Mabon, have fun, drink and be merry met !! Don’t burn yourself on any fires !!

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Si’s 50th.

Si has got a tank of Helium to blow up 50…yes 50 balloons for his birthday party, and is wondering if any of the gas is actually going to end up in balloons !!! ( runs off squeaking into the kitchen LOL !!!

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How are we going to pack this much stuff and our stall AND ourselves into that camper ??????

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Solfest Incense blend

We shall be at Solfest this weekend on our stall, hopefully the rain, rain, rain, will stay away,way, way !!

I shall be making incense in the stall every day for people to come and watch and ask questions if they wish.

I have formulated a new blend to celebrate the festival and have called it ” Solfesty ” a nice, brightly coloured and very sweet blend of Frankincense ( stained red,blue and green with food dye ), Dammar, sanderswood, cinnamon stick, Bay leaf, with ylang ylang and sweet orange oils to bind.

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Solfest 2011

Solfest next weekend everyone !!! A few days of absolute festy-ness !! I f you’re there, come and have a brew and a smell of our lovely incenses

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Incense making stint

The Mighty Oak KingSi is surrounded with smelly stuff ( nice smelly ) and just doesn’t know where to start ! Ip dip sky blue, who’s it ? not you !! that one then…Green man it is !

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Crosby Fair

A busy day was had at Crosby, with all the regulars there and some newbies !! Ace to see some newbies from last time, who came and ” upgraded ” their incense burners to bigger and posher ones !! Thanks for that.
One lady was going to buy one of the smaller hanging burners, but then decided that she would very soon want a bigger one, so went for that one ” to save time “!!
Thanks again to the lovely Elaine for organising everything

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